Two New Garden-Related Courses at Grant This Coming Fall!

To ensure the establishment of a community garden at Grant, as well as its sustenance once established, Principal Vivian Orlen has announced the addition of two new, garden-related courses for the 2011-2012 school year.

The first, titled “Intro to Sustainable Agriculture”, is a science class that aims to teach students about all aspects of sustainable agriculture, from the ground to one’s plate. Once a Grant garden is established, students from this class will work, for both a grade and personal enjoyment, to maintain the school’s plots. The yields of these plots will be used to provide nutritious lunches in the Grant cafeteria.

The second course, titled “Intro to Sustainable Agriculture: Community Garden” is an independent study course that will allow environmental leaders at Grant to work toward the establishment of a community garden. Students’ grades will depend on the weekly efforts in establishing this garden. Weekly assignments will vary, from maintaining contact with Portland Public Schools and Portland Community Gardens to physically building and planting the garden.

Between these two courses, roughly 90 students will be working to establish a Grant community garden in one way or another.

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