Nurture Your Neighborhood

Today is the day! We have been waiting for this wonderful event! We are proud to present this fantastic event to all of our neighbors and speakers. We’re having lots of delicious treats, entertainment and much more! Please come and stop by to support us and let’s not forget that State Farm presented us with $50,300! We are very honored. Nurture Your Neighborhood is going to make a difference and we would really appreciate it if everyone would attend! Hope to see everyone there! 🙂

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2 Responses to Nurture Your Neighborhood

  1. tin cotton says:

    I met the two volunteers at the Hollywood market when they were promoting the GHS garden. I was so excited I was the first to sign up to be part of it, to have a small plot of gardening space and to do whatever I can to help. I live on Knott st just two blocks away from the site proposed. I was anxiously waiting for OCT 1st to arrive, told friends , marked it on my calendar but was with a friend that day and completely forgot about the time till that evening. Can I still participate ??? I was in Switzerland 3 years ago and saw a very lovely community garden and I have dreams about it all the time. It would be just so great , to be next door to me . Thanks, I want so much to be part of this tin cotton 503-331-7184

    • Tim – this is a wonderful message, and we are so glad to hear about your enthusiasm and excitement for Grant’s garden! No worries about missing the event, it was a success but in the end participation in the Community Garden will be designated elsewhere. We will keep you updated through this website on breaking ground dates and plot sign ups. Thanks so much!

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