The Nurture Your Neighborhood aftermath

Haven’t blogged in forever! Well let me get you readers updated! The Nurture Your Neighborhood event was a major success! We all couldn’t believe how many people were so willing to show up and support us. We had lots of delicious foods, wonderful refreshments, classy silverware, good entertainment, fabulous guest speakers and many more! Thank you again State Farm for presenting us with a gigantic check! $50,300! Can you believe it!? We always thought big checks were presented on T.V., but I guess not! We also would like to thank the Royal Blues for performing and keeping our audience entertained; you guys have lovely voices. Thank you Ms. Orlen, Mr. Street and our other important guests speakers for being our speakers and for making all this happen, our class most definitely couldn’t do it without you guys! And our audience, thank you for clearing your Saturday to help support us and making our event happen! And Royal Blues, thanks for keeping our audience entertained, you kept our audience alive! Because the Nurture Your Neighborhood event went really well, we’re taking charge and building our garden right now! We hope our garden will last for a long time even after we all graduate. We’re ready to get this garden growing! Thanks again for everyone who showed up!

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