Unexpected Tree Removal in Garden Area

Several weeks ago, Grant Garden Leadership students and advisers alike were surprised and shocked to see that the tree located in the soon-to-be Community Garden site was removed. The Grant Garden Leadership class and planning group was utterly unaware of this event until it already occurred, largely because school had already adjourned for Thanksgiving Break.

Please let us stress that we had included the tree into all of our Community Garden plans and that it was never a part of our plan to remove it. In fact, we had planned on using the tree as a central sitting area for gardeners who wanted a short rest from their work.

It is our understanding that this tree was struck by lightning or otherwise damaged in one of the storms in early November. PPS then took action, without the Grant Gardens Project’s knowledge, to remove the tree because it was a safety hazard and could not recover from the damage. While we were disappointed and saddened to hear of the tree’s removal, we understand that this action was taken in order to keep the Grant campus safe for all users.

The Grant Garden Project’s goal is to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly actions in our community Because of this motto, we would never support the unnecessary removal of a tree. This is a very unfortunate event, but the Community Garden will continue in its planning and is looking forward breaking ground in the new future.

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