Who We Are

This project is currently headed by the Community Garden Leadership class. It is a student-led initiative of approximately fifteen people led by adviser Brick Street.

Environmental Club Members who began Project in winter of 2011:

Leader of the Grant Community Garden ProjectLeah Haykin

On top of being a president of Environmental Club, Leah enjoys biking, hiking, and dragon boating. She is a true Portlander, spending much of her time in the very environment she is trying to preserve through her efforts at Grant, Friends of Trees, the Community Cycling Center, and in her everyday life.  Grant is certainly lucky to have such a dedicated, hard-working leader!

Jesse Meisenhelter

Jesse is a president of the Environmental Club, and has been highly involved in urban gardening throughout her entire life. She brings not only first-hand knowledge, but great optimism, which is immensely important to the success of the Grant Community Garden.

Zoe Bluffstone

Zoe, Environmental Club’s 2011-2012 Events Coordinator, is an unifying force in our community garden team. Zoe loves the great outdoors, but also enjoys acting, playing piano, and volunteering.

Lizzy Knope

Lizzy, our de facto Events Coordinator this past year, has put in a huge amount of time on the community garden project, which she believes integral in creating a more sustainable school and community. She will be greatly missed this fall, when she shall leave for Western Washington University.

Siena Loprinzi

A rising junior, Siena is a sweet and driven member of the Environmental Club. Also president of Grant’s Octagon club, Siena proved a helpful business partner when creating T-shirts for Earth Week 2011. In her free time, Siena enjoys playing tennis and baking.

Lily Wood

An internationally acclaimed Irish dancer and hardworking student, Lily will be missed for her upbeat attitude and friendliness. Her grant-locating prowess and communication skills have been key in laying the foundations of Grant’s Community Garden. Attending Tulane University this fall, Lily plans to study medicine.

McLeod Sumner

When he’s not belting out bass notes or storming the tennis courts, McLeod is bringing his goofiness and creative ideas to the Environmental Club. McLeod proved especially skilled at conveying a sense of urgency regarding environmental issues at last year’s Earth Week festivities.

Manasa Adajian

Born in Kavali, India, Manasa enjoys bollywood dancing, volunteering, and running cross country. Though steadfastly dedicated the Environmental Club, Manasa will leave us in the fall to attend Oregon State University, with plans to study Exercise and Sport Science.

Ragan Allen

Grant’s top female athlete, Ragan enjoys running for Grant’s Cross Country and Track teams. She will take her creative skill to the University of Kansas next year to try her hand in architecture. Ragan’s colorful paintings on Grant’s Recycling bins will long serve as a reminder of her dedication to the Environmental Club.

Megan Gleason

As the Environmental Club’s three-time president, Megan is sad to leave her friends and the Grant community, but is incredibly proud of the club’s recent progress. She feels very secure leaving the club in the hands of the Dynamic Duo, Jesse and Leah, knowing that their fantastic leadership will help lead the club to greatness. Megan will be attending Clark Honors College in the fall to study Environmental Sciences, Constitutional Law, and Mathematics.

Neah Baechler

An early president of the Environmental Club, Neah has been an instrumental player in Environmental Club. Her achievements include bringing six other students to meet with top Environmentalists at the 2008 Powershift Environmental Conference in Washington, DC. Neah also works at Grant as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and will be attending the College of Charleston in the fall.

Meryl Kruskopf

When she is not picking ivy or participating in the Student Conservation Association, Meryl likes to spend her time outdoors rock climbing and mountain biking. A great resource, Meryl is a hard worker who is never reluctant to help those who need it.

Tricia Knope

The club Artistic Director, Tricia literally transforms ideas into reality. She single-handedly designed the mural at Peninsula Park Community Center that the club then painted and designed our Earth Week T shirts. Tricia will return, paintbrush in hand, as a senior this fall.

Sadie Grasle

A rising senior this year, Sadie has proved a very welcome addition to Team Community Garden. When she’s not working with the Environmental Club or at the SUN program at Buckman Middle School, Sadie enjoys baking, acting, and biking around the beautiful city of Portland.

Lena Wright

Theatre and politics are almost as big a part of Lena’s life as environmental sustainability. Fortunately, Lena is working as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Environmental Club this year and will ensure we stay in touch with our community.


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