Would you like to see a vibrant and sustainable garden in the Grant neighborhood? Do you have some extra time? If so, please consider volunteering your time to help us turn this dream into a reality. To volunteer, please contact us below, mentioning your areas of interest or expertise. Every hour helps!


5 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Gail Streicker says:

    Sounds great! We are on the list for city of Portland community gardens, but it could be awhile before a plot becomes available. We’d be interested in a plot at Grant.

    • Hi Gail,
      Thank you so much for contacting us. We are still in the planning stages of our garden and we hope to break ground some time in early 2012. We will keep you updated with progress in the mean time and when we know more about how our plots will be divided up we will be sure to let you know. Thanks again.

  2. Dana Brown says:

    Hi – We live just 5 blocks from GHS. We are very excited about a community garden being established there. We have been on the Sabin CG list for years and it will be years more… I would be happy to help out. I am a consultant with non-profit organizations so could perhaps help with some organizational issues – and I’m also happy to get dirty. Thanks for your work on this.

  3. Pam Neild says:

    Sorry to have missed the big event on Saturday. I hope it was a success. I am happy to donate some time and expertise. I develop sustainability programs for the City of Portland and have a masters in Planning. I’ve got non-profit Board experience and love to project manage. I work for the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability so perhaps my professional contacts would be of assistance in some way. Please contact me at your convenience. I live just a few blocks from GHS. Thanks! -Pam

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